AI Attendant (coming soon)

Elevate your phone menus with a smart auto-attendant who can interact intelligently with your callers.

The AI Attendant not only allows your customers to speak when navigating a menu,
but learns from your customers to improve your customer support.


What can I do with AI Attendant?

  • Create a more engaging and inviting experience with your callers.

  • Allow callers to navigate by voice through your IVR menus.

  • Learn caller behavior to drive business results.

  • Set your business ahead of the curve with an intelligent auto-attendant.

  • Configure the AI Attendant with a few easy steps.

AI Attendant is useful when callers need to be routed to a specific person or department, or when additional information needs to be gathered from the caller. When a caller reaches your phone menu with the Telzio AI Attendant configured, they will hear a welcoming voice who will walk them through the menu, ask them questions, and ultimately route their call to the appropriate destination.

The AI Attendant is ideal for companies with multiple departments and teams to route callers more effectively, or for any company looking to add a more personalized experience for their customers.

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