Block unwanted phone calls

Block specific phone numbers, area codes, or entire countries from your phone
system. By blocking numbers, you can prevent spam calls and texts from
distracting your customer service teams.

Telzio provides flexible options for blocking unwanted calls. You can create contact lists of phone numbers and areas where you want to block inbound calls and/or outbound calls. In addition, you can activate our automatic spam filter, to block callers from known spam numbers


Call blocking features

  • Restrict inbound and/or outbound calls for specific numbers, area codes, and countries.

  • Avoid pesky spam callers with automatic spam filtering.

  • Create a whitelist to allow certain numbers to bypass your spam filters.

  • Update your lists anytime through your Telzio Dashboard.

Telzio’s Number Blocking feature enables you to prevent unwanted callers from calling your number. It helps prevent spam calls and messages from reaching your business.

When a number is added to your blocked numbers list, it blocks all incoming calls, faxes, and text messages from that number. You can choose to block only incoming calls, only outbound calls, or both.

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