Park calls in the cloud and answer them from anywhere

Call Parking from Telzio enables you to place callers on hold in a virtual
extension, and continue the conversation by dialing into the parking extension
from any other phone in your company.

With our default parking extensions, you can skip configuration and start parking calls instantly.
For private parking locations, you can program designated parking extensions into your phone system.


Flexibility for open offices and remote teams

  • Enable remote workers to answer parked calls from any location.

  • Answer parked calls from your desk phone, computer, or mobile device.

  • Create private parking extensions or use the default parking extensions already created for you.

With Call Parking you can answer a call from one phone and anyone can continue the conversation from any other device on your phone system. This is useful when you receive a call intended for someone else, but you need to locate that person before you transfer the call to them. They may be away from their desk, somewhere else in the office, or just walking out the door. You can park the call and enable the desired party to pick up the call by dialing the parked extension from their mobile app or any other Telzio phone.

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