Free call recording included with your Telzio service.

Easily record calls for departments and users, and manage them all online. There's no limit to the number of recordings you can store, and it's all included.

Telzio enables you to record calls for users, departments, and phone numbers. You can enable call recording on any or all of your calls as part of your Telzio service.


What can I do with call recordings?

  • View and download them on anytime from our website.
  • Tag and identify them for sales, training, or other purposes.
  • Record all calls or instantly start recording on an active call.

Enhance training and quality assurance

Call recordings are useful for sales and support teams to improve their customer service and provide training to new hires. For example, you can enable call recording on all calls to the sales department, and tag specific calls that can serve as a good training example later. You can provide managers with access to collaborate and listen to recordings, which can be accessed anytime on our website.


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