Screen calls before you answer them.

Give your teams the ability to filter incoming calls. Know who's calling and where they're calling before you answer

Call Screening prompts your agents with an announcement when a call comes in, so your agents know where the caller has dialed before they answer the call. Telzio enables you to give custom labels to your phone numbers and departments, making it easy for your agents to identify what the caller is calling about and then handle the call as appropriate.


What can I do with Call Screening?

  • Manage incoming calls on multiple phone numbers for different departments and teams.

  • Personalize the caller experience by knowing in advance where they have dialed.

  • Play a quick announcement to agents when they first pick up and enable them to accept or decline the call.

Call Screening is useful when distributing incoming calls to agents in a call center environment or out in the field. When a call comes in, your agents will hear the custom name you have given to the particular phone number the caller has dialed, i.e. “You have a call from the Sales Line. Press 1 to accept the call…”

Real estate agents and property managers use different phone numbers for specific properties, and Call Screening helps them filter calls accordingly. Different names are assigned to each of the phone numbers, making it easy for operators and agents to identify what property the caller is calling about. Calls can then be filtered and routed accordingly.

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