Call Transfer

Transfer calls to employees, extensions, voicemail,
or external phone numbers via an Attended or Blind Transfer.

Transfer calls to another employee’s extension or to their voicemail, and speak to them before you transfer the call (attended transfer) or simply transfer the call directly (blind transfer). Even transfer phone calls to phone numbers outside of your organization, such as to a cell phone or landline number.


What can I do with Call Transfer?

  • Transfer calls to any extension, voicemail, or phone number.

  • Speak to the person you’re transferring a call to first with an Attended Transfer.

  • Transfer calls directly to another employee using a Blind Transfer.

  • Transfer calls using any device, including our mobile app and IP phones.

Call Transfer is useful for front desk operators and internally for teams. Front desk operators use call transferring to instantly route incoming calls throughout the organization. Teams use call transferring to pass callers along to a different person, whether it’s a call with a customer, or a call with a colleague.

Frequently Asked Questions

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