Telzio Mobile App

Enable teams to stay connected from the app.

Telzio enables your employees to handle calls, texts, voicemail, and conferencing from their mobile devices. You can easily add users to your phone system through our website, and automate inbound calls to mobile devices in any location.


What can I do with the mobile app?

  • Make and receive calls and text messages.
  • Hold, mute, and transfer calls.
  • Initiate call recording with one touch.
  • Host conference calls from anywhere.
  • Customize caller ID for employees.

Save on business phones with the Telzio Mobile App

The mobile app is useful for any business with remote employees, such as salespeople and consultants. For example, a professional firm with an office and a team of agents in the field can use a combination of both desk phones and our mobile app with their phone system.

Let’s say a customer calls in to find out more information about a service. The office manager can effortlessly transfer the customer to an expert in the field. The office manager can see which field expert is available to take a call, then dial a direct transfer to that person’s extension. The agent can easily answer the call with one swipe.


Frequently Asked Questions

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