Secure access to your phone system.

Enable two-factor authentication for all your users for an extra layer of security.

Two-Factor Authentication is a critical part of protecting your business phone system, and should be implemented to help prevent breaches that can lead to exposing other parts of your business. You can enable Two-Factor Authentication for both administrators and employees, and easily check the Telzio Dashboard to see if your employees have successfully enabled the feature.


What can I do with Two-Factor Authentication?

  • Secure both administrator and employee logins for your Telzio account.

  • Protect your Telzio account even when usernames and passwords have been compromised.

  • Easily enable and disable Two-Factor Authentication on your Dashboard.

Two-Factor Authentication is important for every type of business and is a very easy feature to implement. It protects your Telzio account from vulnerability to hackers by requiring a secure code that can only be accessed from your mobile device. You can enable Two-Factor Authentication for both your account administrators and your employees.

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