Ready-for-calling VoIP phones for your business

Telzio offers the best IP phones for small businesses and full phone support for
your teams. Phones are delivered to your door already pre-configured for your
extensions to ensure a effortless transition to your Telzio phone system.

Get high-quality VoIP phones that work over your existing internet and integrate seamlessly with your Telzio VoIP service.
Choose from a considerate selection of our favorite IP phones for business, and get built-in phone support included.


Desk phones that don't tie you to your desk

  • Internet based phone enables you to plug it in and use it from anywhere with internet connectivity.

  • Power over Ethernet (PoE) capabilities keep your phones running even without power.

  • Reliable multi-line cordless phones for business and remote offices.

  • Remote configuration capabilities allow troubleshooting from any location.

Telzio business phones have the calling capabilities for busy call centers, but are affordable and easy to use for small businesses. This means you can invest in phones now that will still work for your business as you grow.

In addition to all the standard features like voicemail, transfer, hold, and conference, Telzio phones support multiple extensions and presence status indicators. With Telzio, you can manage your phone lines professionally and efficiently.

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