Scale your business communications with Telzio.

Create users for your phone system and enable teams to call and text from any device.

Users enable your employees to be connected to your business phone system and collaborate on calls and messages. Telzio includes unlimited users as part of your service, which means you can provide all your employees with a phone line at no extra charge.


What can I do with Users?

  • Route calls to employees in any location.
  • Give users an extension and/or a direct dial phone number.
  • Allow selected users to help manage your account.
  • Enable users to collaborate on calls and messages.
  • Get unlimited calling between users.

Telzio users work from anywhere.

Users are necessary to make and receive calls with your phone system. With Telzio you can create a user for each employee to log into all their devices and work from anywhere.

For example, a business with 10 employees would need 10 users for each person to have their own line. You can give each employee a unique user, and assign special users for certain phones, such as a front desk or conference phone. You can then configure your phone numbers to route incoming calls to your employees in any location.


Frequently Asked Questions

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