Make calls directly
through your browser.

The Telzio Webphone includes professional calling features
for managing multiple phone lines from any location,
and is powerful enough to replace office phones.

The Webphone is included with your business phone system along with robust call
management features. No setup or installation required.

Ready for Calling Instantly

The Telzio Webphone is built into our online Dashboard, accessible once you log into the website.


Features for managing busy phone lines.

Complete with professional calling features for managing call traffic via a visual interface.


Searchable user extension directory.

Find other employees in your company and initiate a call with one click.


Synced across all your devices.

Use with IP phones, softphones, and the mobile app in any location.

The Telzio Webphone Includes Calling Features:

  • Call
  • Transfer
  • Hold
  • Mute
  • Caller ID
  • Call Waiting
  • Call Flip
  • User Extension Directory
  • User Status Indicators
  • Call History
  • Dial-From Number

How is the Telzio Webphone more powerful than a desk phone?

Telzio creates more value for your business by providing maximum flexibility
and cost control over your phone system.

Telzio works over the internet, enabling teams to work from anywhere.

The Telzio Webphone sends calls over the internet, making it easy for remote workers to set up their work station from anywhere with just their computer.


Telzio supports unlimited phone lines without any additional equipment.

Desk phones are limited to a set number of lines, and require extra hardware to accommodate additional lines. The Telzio Webphone supports unlimited lines and Busy Lamp Field (BLF) keys.


Telzio saves you time and resources on deployment.

The Telzio Webphone simplifies the process of setting up new offices and users. Not only is configuration of services and users done online through the Dashboard, but the cost of setting up new phones is also eliminated.

Business Phone System Features Overview


Good Call.